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Print Making for Beginners, Mixed Media & Fabric Artists


Art Printing, KIT #1—125$ + tx.

Introduction to art printing—(print making).  Learn how to do simple art printing with inks on paper using:

a brayer, VERSATEX inks, substrates like pacon & watercolour paper,  ephemera, texture tools, stencils & masks, and more in this class.  Your mini kit is just great and includes a set of 12-2 oz printing inks, extender solution, brayer, 1 stencil, tools, papers and more.  We will work with colour, dimension, masking, textures and more.

Wear old clothes—this class is SUPER FUN, but can be a bit messy! 


Art Printing, KIT #2—175$ + tx.

Same class as above, with a bigger, more complete kit.  Upgrade to the 4oz ink size, (take 8 home)

3 stencils, a brayer, tools, papers and more.  Also included in this class is a terrific surface to build your prints on, a GELLIPLATE (5x7).

As above,  wear old clothes—this class is SUPER FUN, but can be a bit messy! 


Deluxe Print Making, (Kit #3) 250$ + tx.

This is a two session class, with a complete take home kit, that includes TWO sizes of gelli plates,

12-4 oz printing inks, 4 stencils, inclusions, texturizing tools, brayer, print making papers, canvas and so much more!

Step by step we’ll work on building texture, dimension, and colour depth.  An understanding of masking is a big plus for this class.

I just love the new printing inks...they perform very much like high end oils, hold peaks and valleys, work on natural and synthetic surfaces.  Printing inks dry to tack within 24 hours and are typically fully cured within 1 month.  This colour media has so many possibilities for mixed media applications—please stop by the boutique to view samples.


Print Making for Fabric Artists:  225$ + tx.

Your take home kit is terrific and includes a natural canvas banner, and 2 362’’ 14 oz flour sack cottons to incorporate into an art quilt.   Wonderful set of 8 printing inks (4 oz); honey, black and metallic permanent resists for fabric, High Flow Acrylic paint set, tools, brushes, 2 stencils, extender and more.  VERSATEX inks from Jacquard are great, soft to the hand after heat setting and washing.   This is a two session class. 

This full kit should be able to create MANY art panels for MANY quilts.

Remember to wear your old clothes…