What is "mixed media" ??? 

see:  the free dictionary or wikipedia for a proper definition of what mixed media is...but to me all it means is "art play".

That is to work and play:

  • with colour and saturations - transparent/opaque

  • with more than one media that provides colour - from ink to acrylic to pastels to watercolour & more

  • with unusual surfaces & substrates like recycled board/cardboard/plastic/foil/metal/fabric - etc.

  • with textures - inlay/overlay/tactile - anything that makes you want to reach out & touch

  • with images (original or not - the piece below combines both) / design (repetitive or blocked or whatever)

  • with collage (perhaps using original imagery or artstamps or digital art or found ephemera)

  • with shiny stuff (that's the magpie gene!)...............& so much more.

Collage w WaterColour.jpg