AI Daisies 001_edited.jpg

After 30+ years painting w/alcohol inks, I have SO many tips/tricks to help even the
most abject beginner get worthy results.
My favourite substrate to work on is
glass - so upcycling stock/vintage frames
Remember to wear a mask while working
to protect yourself against fumes.
Book your session with me, I LOVE to teach Alcohol Ink Painting for all levels.
Whether you prefer to work on glass/Yupo/
upcycled plastic, or even metal, I can
help you achieve success.

AI FireBird_edited.jpg
AI Winter Village_edited.jpg
AI Abstract Florals on Glass.jpg
AI Tree 1_edited.jpg
AI Faux Stained Glass Sunflower_edited.jpg
AI Abstract on Yupo 2_edited.jpg
AI Floral on Yupo 1_edited.jpg