Crafty Mirror Project.

made with printed paper, recycled elements and discount finds.

scroll down to the bottom to see the project progression.  I love to print on file folders - the paper is fibrous, durable, has good elasticity for folding, takes lots of printing inks without buckling.

this print was made with paper stencils and masks, (cricut cuts), versatex printing inks, recycled file

folders (legal size), and my favourite - onion bags. See the pull out picture at the right for the effect created by brayering gold ink over an empty onion bag.  See other samples for printing sessions, using typical household objects for creating texture, like a scrub tool with handle, when twirled, makes a great effect in the ink. 

look around the house, I'm sure you can find all kinds of fun things to incorporate with your next printing project!

on the green flower, I've

layed the inked stencil down,

pressing firmly to apply the ink on

top - just like an art-stamp.

here, I've brayered ink on the zinnia stencil, as per normal

printing supplies available at nika's:

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I take a common sense approach to all classes, with an eye to creativity and your budget.