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nika #5, present day, Windsor NS

[College Road] 2018

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nika #4, Windsor NS

[11 Water St.] 2017

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nika #3, Windsor NS

[43 Water St.] 2013

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In 2006, by necessity,

I began my first art supply business.

To do credible mixed media, it is essential to really understand

products and surfaces.

At nikas products are chosen for versatility, quality & best price.

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teaching in Salt Spring 96.jpg

nika #1, Victoria, BC

[Salt Spring] 1996


nika #2, Vankleek Hill, ON



My husband Karl & I have had the great fortune of really experiencing Canada. Jobs took us from Kingston On, to Montreal Qc, to Saint John NB, to Halifax NS, to Victoria BC, Montreal again. 2006, Vankleek Hill

in On became our home, where we began

the first version of nikas selling supplies.

Now we find ourselves in Windsor, NS.

During these wonderful years, my passion

for art has never waned. Like many, I

started crafting as a child. In my teen years, I pursued creative writing and drama. In 1984, I discovered mixed media and have not looked back. One way or the other, a pencil or paintbrush has been in my hand my entire life.